Skeletons in the Closet

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The latest in the Lazy Gramophone Shorts Series. 'Skeletons in the Closet' brings six writers and six illustrators together in collaborative beauty. Printed in a limited edition of 60 with a unique letter pressed cover and high quality digital interior these booklets encompass the theme of hidden secrets in an original and creative manner.

Featuring the work of Sorana Santos, Dan Prestige, Kevin Pocock, Carl Laurence, Maria Drummey, Mia Douglass, Alexander Aspinall, Maria Vladimirova, Jo Tedds, Ghin Liew, Sam Rawlings & Rima Staines.

Read our journal here about the production process of the letter pressed cover.

binding: paperback
category: Fiction - Short Story Collection
price: £4.99
size: 140mm x 195mm
extent:  22 pages
edition of: 60 (individually numbered)
illustrated: Yes (6 colour  images)
publication date: First Published in 2010
publisher name: Lazy Gramophone Press

Rats - too late!
Alex Draven Alex Draven21/08/10 11:15pm

Hurry up! Can't wait to get a copy!!!! :)
Siobahn Siobahn23/07/10 12:11pm
We thought long and hard about it and after much deliberation, various conferences, meetings and discussions we have decided to shut down and close comments for this particular Product (sorry about that).
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