Joanne Tedds

- Making moves all over the floor.

Scared of Silence

Following a roller coaster of life events, I have decided to commit to myself and trust that everything else will remain if it is meant to and fall away if not.

It is difficult, putting yourself first. For now, I am correcting a longstanding imbalance I have had in this world by investing in myself. It has been a long hibernation but a worthwhile one.

While I am away, I will keep in touch here.

Please check back in.

With love,

Music from Joanne

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Words from Joanne
  • Virginity

    Written on 05/03/15

    VIRGINITY: She gave it to him, Not as it was, A jewel, stitched inside of her, A hidden treasure, That could have lay hidden forever, No, Instead she gave him the map, Pointed to all the... read more

  • Sufi Song

    Written on 01/03/15

    In time, sweet child, all will come So worry not for the things of this place,Tonight the moon will again follow the sun. Worry not for words said undone, Missed moments you cannot chase,... read more

  • Sprung

    Written on 01/03/15

    SPRUNG: As sunlight paints the floorboards, How wonderful would it be,To soak up the light, Drench every cloth and rag With the brightness, Squeeze it,... read more

  • Attention

    Written on 01/03/15

    She throws a darting eye to her quivering knee and back over her fidgeting fingers. Her lower lip, which is slightly smaller than her top lip, is jutting out further than usual and I can see... read more

  • Water Falls

    Written on 04/10/11

    I saw four dead pigeons in one waterfall The children gazed then played With nothing Or little to say Changing focus and attention and direction ... read more

  • Home is Where I'm Not

    Written on 04/10/11

    Home is where I'm not, Racing pylon lines and hedgerows, I watch, as an occasional barn, House or tractor Smudge passed Like lipstick lost on glass Speeding through lush flatlands... read more

  • The Coolness

    Written on 19/04/11

    I've tried to write a few times And the opening line is always My last, A future shaped forever By a lyric from my past Your shadow passes me Walks next to me even, Odd that, ... read more

  • Waiting On A Title

    Written on 30/08/10

    Lifetimes, course along like rivers, Quick and slower at times, Still and deep, Hemmed in by banks of old familiar, Cheered on by friendly groves, Punctuated with surprises, Twists... read more

  • Sickness (Good Grief)

    Written on 07/02/10

    Sickness I feel sick and twisted, And sort of confused. I want to run near to nowhere, But I don’t think I can move. ... read more