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Written by Joanne Tedds on Thursday the 5th of March 2015
VIRGINITY:  She gave it to him,  Not as it was, A jewel, stitched inside of her,  A hidden treasure,  That could have lay hidden forever,  
Instead she gave him the map,  Pointed to all the clues encrypted,  In fact she scripted, those magic words,  
'Do you wanna do it then?'  Plainly, without poetry,Thinking that he might not understand,  Thinking that it would be a reflection of her,
Silly girl, And not him, Stupid man, 
She gave it to him,  As though it were just another dusty penny she had,  As if he were going to give her,  More than it was worth in return. And he could have done,  But he didn't,  
Not knowing the value of things, She wasted it and he lazy, unloving,He, pushed himself to the edge of the event horizon,  And before she knew it, it drew him in, Despite her, In spite of him,  
The end and the beginning    
It can only ever happen once,  And they never did do it again,  So she learnt to hurt, to regret,  She tried hard to forget,  
But there is no undoing,  Once nailed, there is no unscrewing 
And it took some time for her to learn, 
That she was not really sullied and spoilt And that virginity only matters - when dealing with olive oil.