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Sickness (Good Grief)

Written by Joanne Tedds on Sunday the 7th of February 2010
I feel sick
and twisted, 
And sort of
I want to run
near to nowhere, 
But I don’t
think I can move. 
I’ve got
aches and bruises, 
I’m loosing
my breath.
I feel empty
but full, 
Tight in my
I can’t
rest, can’t think, 
Can’t do much for myself, I, miss
Really want some

are dancing around my insides. 
I stay
upright and close my eyes. 
But the
darkness only incites the rush, 
I feel
overwhelmed with a sense of nervousness. 
dizziness churns and turns

Like eddies in
a river. 
I get sweats
and shivers, 
And can’t consider any task at
my hand, 
I’m out of
my body and can’t hardly stand. 
It’s like
I’m hanging from the ceiling, 
Dancing in
the air, 
I can’t
really shake the feeling, 
Can’t really
say I care, 
Because I’ve
joined the epidemic, 
I submitted
to the bug, 
And though
I’m debilitated, 
It’s just
I’m sick with love.