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Written by Stacie Withers on Wednesday the 18th of April 2012

This week, the Daily Mail featured a comment piece by author, Christopher Stevens, whose son is Autistic. He was offering his opinion on Ricky Gervais' latest effort, Derek . Not that he thought it was much of an effort. 'Vile, cynical and dishonest', says Stevens, as he chastises Gervais for his decision to mock the disabled. Now, I admit up front, I didn't see Derek . I have never enjoyed... read more

Written by Erin Norman on Monday the 10th of January 2011

I'll tell you what's futile. Writing a review of an album that came out in 2004 when its 2011. But being a child spawned of the Sex Pistols, Tori Amos and The Smiths I came to Eminem late and drip fed. When I began to give him my attention, I realised Eminem was raps answer to Morrissey, and I'm a sucker for a primal beat so I became a fan pretty quickly. I digest one album at a time; Eminem's Encore... read more

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