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Written by Lazy Gramophone Press on Wednesday the 30th of January 2013

Time is a vast collaborative book project containing short stories, poems and artwork by fifty-five contributors. Initially inspired by a discussion on gamebooks, this project has taken over three years to grow into a fully formed book. The importance of collaboration has always been central to Lazy Gramophone Press's ethos, especially the pairing of words and images. This project therefore, is... read more

Written by Lazy Gramophone Press on Thursday the 19th of July 2012

Image by & copyright of Rima Staines Listen to me. I wasn't born for birthday parties and scented candles in the twilight bath or string quartets on the lawn. I wasn't made for clean handkerchiefs and your mother's approval at the dinner table. Oh no. I was born for rock'n'roll, sea shanties and the smell of diesel on the harbour walls at dawn. I was made for bear claws on bark, for fires in the wasteland where desperate men... read more

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