William Conway

Will Conway

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Journals from William
Likes: good words, nice sounds, inky pictures, sleeping when I'm not supposed to

Dislikes: waste, rudeness, ironing, Madonna

I'm not sure what to put in a profile. What do you need to know?

I done a book once. It's called Tastes of Ink and you can buy it if you click that link down there...
Words from William
  • Women's needs

    Written on 24/11/11

    You tell me you need me In the evening I'm dough and you knead me In your hands I was late once and you kneed me In the groin... read more

  • Money

    Written on 05/10/11

    Laughing all the way to the bank and crying all the way back And to top that I cut myself on a used needle in the haystack I walked a mile in rich man's shoes, but they were size fours... read more

  • Late Wasp

    Written on 21/04/11

    I'm lying on my bed with my chin hanging over the side, wondering whether I'll get up now or wait a little bit and be late. Something like a heavy fly falls from the curtain into a... read more

  • Pissed

    Written on 04/10/10

    Pissed; off my face. Pissed off my friends; Pissed off their balcony.... read more

  • Time is not on my side

    Written on 09/09/10

    Time is not on my side In a room with no clock on the wall Time passes by quickly. I ask the Time hoping Time will tell but Time runs out. I can't believe it. Time is fleeting.... read more

  • Recipe for Disaster

    Written on 29/08/10

    Recipe for disaster Ingredients needed to make one large embarrassment; Bring together two parts insecurity with one part arrogance. Don't allow yourself to mix well, be shaken up easily... read more

  • Just Looking

    Written on 29/03/10

    We stare at each other every day. You don't know us but we know you. We are so similar, sometimes we look so alike, but there are great differences that go beyond what the eye sees. ... read more

  • 1234 break

    Written on 02/03/10

    1234 Break First comes the thirst then follows the hunger Seconds like lifetimes pass but I feel I'm getting younger Thirds don't divide up as easily between two Forth sprang suspicions... read more

  • Just mates

    Written on 15/02/10

    Was I too intimate? Too into mating? Did I intimidate My timid date?... read more

  • Pulling

    Written on 15/02/10

    She loves me not. She said she used to love me before I started pulling all the petals off her flowers... read more

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Title: Will Conway Tastes of Ink
By: LazyGramophone