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Time is not on my side

Written by William Conway on Thursday the 9th of September 2010
Time is not on my side

In a room with no clock on the wall
Time passes by quickly.
I ask the Time hoping Time will tell
but Time runs out.
I can't believe it. Time is fleeting.
It's a race against Time trying to catch up
but Time waits for no man.
I Watch my wrist but can't read it's poker Face.
I look up and I've lost Time.
If could just find Time.
But there is no Time left
 so I go right.
Running fast but not late I nearly pass the Time.
Now I've got him, it feels like I've always had Time.
Crunch Time - I punch the Clock
in the face
and break his hourglasses.
Lights out, no daylight saving Time
And now I have Time on my hands

Days later I'm on trial for killing Time
Imagine that, doing time for doing time.
Funny, I thought Time was supposed to be a great healer