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Who's the Daddy?

Written by Rebecca Firegrave on Sunday the 16th of January 2011
Power, everyone wants it, not all of us get it. Tolkein displays the common human need in the metaphor of a ring...simple, but effective, I feel. Although, I find it ironic that everybody is so drawn to this ring of power but the person who has it longest turns into a miserable wretch...not so desirable.

Society dictates who has official power. Prime ministers are elected, managers are hired, prefects are selected. The structure of their organisation give them the 'right' to lead and direct the people 'below' them. They're the ones in charge. 

However, sometimes it's the people lower down in the pyramid that have the real control. A persuasive friend, a defiant employee or a dominant wife, can often be taking a more subtle lead to a situation and actually making the decisions that count. After all, that's what power is about right? Choosing the way in which things will go forward. Not about being seen to be at the head of the table, such egotistical matters couldnt possibly concern anyone.

But power doesnt have to be a precious ring that turns people into hideous monsters like poor old smeegal, power can be about guiding a group into a place where you see it to be best for you and all involved. Sometimes we have to look out for ourselves, no-one else will, but we have a choice about how we get there. We can stomp over the masses or lift each other up one by one. Make your way for yourself and leave the door open behind you.

Oh and remember that ego business, turns out us humans lumber round quite a hefty load in that department. Power can be taken in many ways but be warned, you may end up ruling the country but be seen to be wearing the crown that doesn't belong to you and the king may soon be-head you.