Hannah Stephenson

Poet and Songwriter

Hannah Stephenson is a poet and songwriter who also teaches writing and edits. If it involves words, she likes it.

She writes and posts a new poem linking to an image every weekday at The Storialist (www.thestorialist.com), and posts a monthly Musical Interlude at Spoonful (http://spoonfulzine.com/).
Words from Hannah
  • Cork

    Written on 09/01/11

    Cork Cork is talented with holes because it is inlaid with them. Cork can close them up, can crawl into a bottle's mouth and silence the wine in its throat and belly. Cork... read more

  • Under

    Written on 09/01/11

    Under Not just South, not below. The Underworld is inaccessible unless you are in it. It exists, a boat collapsed on the bed of the ocean, pinned to the dark sand by miles... read more