Sally Renshaw

Sally Renshaw Illustration

Sally is a lovely lady of 5"2" with very small hands. She attended Manchester Metropolitan University between 2005-10 where she learned how to make things look real nice and pretty in a variety of ways, amongst a few other achievements. Working alongside a whole bunch of other creative chaps she grafted for nearly 2 years at a not-for-profit arts organisation, making many good things including workshops and zines and really flipping nice ice cream.

Sally's ideas come spewing out of her head like a big bloated volcano having a sick. She can be found most days sat in her studio, ferociously illustrating, drawing and stitching with a cat in her lap and a cup of tea at her side, happy as larry.

A recent change in the wind has drifted Sally north to Norway where she now resides with her partner and cat in the capital city of Oslo. Whenever she has the time, she takes a little break from drawing to explore the city by bicycle.