Matt Black

Image Maker

Journals from Matt
When time is on my side I create images. Mostly it is words that are the inspiration.

I quit 'real' work 6 years ago to study Illustration at Kingston University. Since graduating I have had work exhibited at various places in London and most recently I have had work on display at the Creative Art Gallery in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.
In 2009 I collaborated with the artist Ned Conran to produce artwork for the children’s charity Love in the Sky. The final piece ‘Your Brain in Love’ was exhibited and sold at the ICA London. In the same year I also managed to win Don't Panic Magazine's Poster Design Competition and was published by 20X20 magazine.
I have ongoing commissions with the London-based band Lyrebird and have a long-standing relationship with Lazy Gramophone whom I have been lucky enough to be involved in numerous projects with.

Aside from making pretty pictures my therapy is writing, reading, photography and music. I am currently contemplating a career in Art Psychotherapy.

I live with my wife, two daughters and dog in the countryside just outside of Oxford.
Words from Matt
  • Extracts from The Magpie King.

    Written on 13/02/10

    In his thirst for knowledge and imagination, the boy had found a way of using roots of trees to not only traverse different realities but to enter the dream worlds of sleeping humans...To maintain... read more