The Diminished

Written by Sam Rawlings on Monday the 25th of January 2010
That moment of confluence past,
only a diligent reflection of the stars
upon our clear skin contrasts these currents of feeling
creeping between us.
A voice drifts in the dark,
cold as the moon quiet as the arch of a fin
callous as the cracks appearing
from within the beds of our lips;
a sun-dried apathy.
Stagnant puddles litter the fall of each balding crest
the dissolution of the lightness of our veil
the birth of legs.
As if a tear, cast beneath the yellow of morning
your silver blanched, a glassy silhouette.
Our blood riven a river silenced returned to the air
an echo of despair and the weight of my steps.

'The Diminished' can be found within Sam
Rawlings' book of poetry Circle Time, which is currently available from
the Lazy Gramophone Shop. To read more about Circle Time click here.

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Title: 'Confluence' by Sam Rawlings
By: Astaeric
Lazy Says: 'The Diminished' by Sam Rawlings
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