Laura Dockrill's Five Things.

Written by Lazy Gramophone on Tuesday the 19th of February 2013

Five Things is a series of short journal posts introducing each of the writers and artists involved in our up-coming Time project.

Since the project's inception, the idea has been to create an environment where independent writers and artists could come together in order to share their work. The result of this endeavour is a collection of stories, images and poems based around the theme of time, its pages placing particular focus upon the relationship between words and pictures. By sharing in this way we hope to inspire each other as well as those around us, to draw a diverse audience and so help to illuminate the work of alternative artists and writers everywhere.


'Everyone's falling for Laura Dockrill' ~ Vogue.

Not only author and illustrator of Mistakes In The Background, Ugly Shy Girl and Echoes, Laura also resurrects her words on the stage performing poetry spanning festivals to bookshops; including London Literary Festival, Big Chill, E4 Udderbelly, Latitude, Kosmopolis in Barcelona and Domino festival in Brussels. Named one of the top ten literary talents by The Times and one of the top twenty hot faces to watch by E L L E magazine, Laura continues to stir up the literary universe with her passionate, contemporary and imaginative way with words. She has performed her work on Woman's Hour, The Huw Stephens show, The Jo Whiley show, The Verb, Newsnight, BBC Breakfast and each of the BBC's respective radio channels 1-6. Having recently joined the advisory panel at The Ministry Of Stories, Laura is currently writing a sitcom, creating a series of bespoke artwork pieces and writing a piece of work for a new BBC radio show.

Five Things that have Inspired my Writing.

'Hear and Now' by director Irene Taylor Brodsky - This short film is about Brodsky's parents both undergoing cochlear implant surgery, to regain hearing and how that experience changes their life in very different ways. The writing is extremely beautiful and delicate, it is a piece about life, it is so telling and radical, showcasing human beings in extreme conditions, yet, as the film is created by their daughter it is very intimate.

The art of Frida Kahlo - I think Frida, almost scientifically, can observe and re-create the changes in the human form. She can capture age and life from the inside out, displaying humans in their every light, their souls are often part of their features, however she relies heavily on her imagination to fill in the gaps. That addition of her own artistic value, for me, is where real true art happens.

My friend Mairi - Mairi is an actress but really good at listening and advice, she once said to me that 'pain comes in waves' and I never really stopped thinking about that.

By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept by Elizabeth Smart - This was referred to me by the poet Luke Kennard, another one of my great inspirations, the writing truly sums up the bitter ache of love in all of its corners. The hate and horror yet passion and exhaustion one can feel. It is a beautiful brilliant haunting book that eats you up from the inside out.

Joanna Newsom - Joanna Newsom is one of my favourite writers, not just her music but her lyrics and delivery are so special and one of a kind. I find her somebody who is very in touch with her feelings and is capable of recording that angle and using it to explore her head in a way that many don't. she is a unique fancy brain fairy, one that I have been influenced under the spell of for the last three years of my writing. Extreme sensitivity.

The Time Project.

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'An intriguing book project from one of the most innovative groups of creative people in the city.' ~ Huffington Post

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'Time is a treasure box brimming with creativity and fresh talent.' ~ Rooms Magazine

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'Lazy Gramophone's anthology, Time, lives up to the high bar it sets for itself.' ~ Annexe Magazine


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