Finally Falling Through the Flames

Written by Sam Rawlings on Monday the 25th of January 2010

Opening up all around above below me
clear blue beautiful memories are finally being set free,
at last released from the questioning violence
the threatening self pity so cynical.
Free to float peacefully
amongst the slowly dancing leaves of trees amongst
the heavy raindrops that occasionally paint lazily over our sunny days.
Free now
without any perception of possibility
to be,
          just imagine;

how boundaries would walk talk between themselves
gossip and bow their gaze as we passed:
proposing subtlety but beneath our eyelids secretly smiling
wickedly giggling amongst those without the capacity to
ever know the forbidden rhythm of our resilience,
ever feel the warmth that only ashes could sow.

For we are finally falling through the flames
the demands they make.
Their temperamental
yellow fighting flirting
hallucinogenic above real love could only ever aspire to,
look tired compared to,
the strength of our quiet,
our burning,
passionate silence smouldering pure white

the scorching heat of its reassurance
branded deep within us.

'Finally Falling Through the Flames' can be found within Sam Rawlings' book of poetry Circle Time, which is currently available from the Lazy Gramophone Shop. To read more about Circle Time click here.
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Title: 'Finally Falling Through the Flames' by Sam Rawlings
By: Astaeric
Lazy Says: 'Finally Falling Through the Flames' by Sam Rawlings
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