‘Crying for it wasn’t enough’ – Goodbye Lennon; a tribute.

Written by Will Conway on Thursday the 9th of December 2010
So 30 years have passed since the Salinger-obsessed Texan came from Hawaii to shoot one of the most influential musicians of all time outside his home in New York. I was going to write yesterday but due to time differences and the aforementioned songwriter's fixation on the number 9 some argue that 'technically in Britain he died on the 9th.'

Meanwhile back in Manhattan 'fans' crowded outside Lennon's widow's window crying and singing, among others, a song his previous partner wrote to his estranged son. The problem with making such wonderful music is that any other fool might love it too. A Beatle is everybody's property.

I have often heard people ask 'What would the world be like if Lennon were alive today?'

My friend has a theory that he is alive and well and living under the pseudonym Paul O'Grady but I'm yet to be convinced (close your eyes next time he's on tv and see what you think).

As much as I admire Lennon, I am almost certain that, were he alive today, he would be as unbearable as Bono. I am not putting down the positive work he did not only through his craft and the messages in his music but his political and social activity too. Of course we have to raise our glasses to anyone who caused so much bother for the Nixon administration.

Imagine him still alive now though, personally I prefer his memory as it is. He died almost as a martyr and his last completed record was Double Fantasy, which is far from flawless but contains awesome tunes like 'Cleanup Time' and 'Starting Over'.

David Sheff of Playboy's final interview suggests a relaxed and content house-husband who still enjoyed making music. It is desperately sad how he died seemingly having figured out family life, but I cannot be the only person glad that Lennon never got to work with Sting, Billy Joel or the Spice Girls.

As it is we can remember him as the lovable rogue, having a dig at the rich at the Royal Variety Performance or the angry, tortured artist, and the beautiful music he left us with.

I am certainly not saying that I'm glad that he died when he did but at least he hasn't had thirty embarrassing years to undermine the fascinating things he did in the previous thirty. He will not be forgotten in a hurry.

In closing, I would hope that anyone who claims to be a fan would be unable to decide a favourite song of his, so your recommended listening today will be 'Girl' and 'Oh Yoko' because they make me smile and they're the first two that popped into my head.

Rest in peace Winston Leg-thigh

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