By Hope

Written by Sam Rawlings on Friday the 22nd of January 2010
Shouldn't we speak a little more softly
afloat the breeze,
in case words like memories conspire to break this,
reclaim our hearts.
Locks of chaos fall, dance upon her neck,
arc of chin and that quick inhalation of breath;
a labyrinth of limbs.

Shouldn't we pay a little more attention
cling a little tighter to this skimming stone's mast,
for thoughts perchance to kiss, so often surpassed
amid the mesh of rings flowering so fast.
An angel's wings, the raising of her arms
the curl of her lips, soil slipped from view. I
love you. Two roots torn from the ground.
Living proof, our rebellion.

Motionless for now, her petals float before me
though still she meets my eyes;
a single wish upon an ocean so vast,
so defenceless yet still our whispers laugh.
Nothing but the rhythm of the waves.

Cast adrift, so slowly we begin again
our paddle toward the shore.

'By Hope' can be found within Sam
Rawlings' book of poetry Circle Time, which is currently available from
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