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Midnight Jestam

Written by Rahima Fitzwilliam Hall on Thursday the 20th of June 2013
We made it through the murmurings of coulds, shoulds and shall we to come out several bus rides later and jump the low locked gates. crossing through a realm, we thought, and to the water's edge to stand before a moonless breezy midnight still heavy with everything we haven't yet noticed. Shoelaces untied, buttons undone, hair up and clothes off canada geese, gliding aside - our only witnesses. We lower ourselves off cold railings, slowly  toes, knees, thighs, tummy slowly in, then out a bit, then all the way in, we're in! Swimming, fast, then out, fast  Insect hummed, louder than the distant traffic. A nearby owl twoots to a distant tweet. And here we are arrived again. Redressed and stripped down Half of me is jetsam now.