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Written by Rahima Fitzwilliam Hall on Tuesday the 3rd of May 2011
Once I woke up
Fuzzy faced and feverish
To find a lion lay besides me.
You've disappeared and your behalf
Sleeps this beguiling animal
I lay in Lion yolk.
Marinated in confusion,
Consumed by curiosity
Paw slung over my face
And claw stretched over my nose
Un-intentionally pricking my cheek

A drop of blood drips to my lip
I don't dare move, not even to lick it off.

His breath washes over every part of me
And in its warmth I'm momentarily bravened
To hazard a glance at my new found companion.
His mane adorns my pillow
Just where your curls once were
I tempt a touch but find myself asleep again.

In the morning no lion trace was there
Though I sense a certain look about your hair
And I note your breathing slightly deeper
And your teeth they seem a little sharper.
Your rise, stretch your back and let out a very human yawn
I lie there, looking out from under the sheets and wonder
If you're really a man in the shape of a lion
Or a lion in the shape of a man