Francesca Goodwin

Francesca J

Francesca is a vicarious writer, artist and freelance journalist, penning essays and impressions on contemporary life and culture.

Influenced by the Imagist and Symbolist poets, she loves to manipulate language in the same way as paint, allowing it to flow and invert to create layers of meaning and associations.

Her artwork (often accompanying her writing) aims to emulate this free associative discourse to breakdown linear narratives and social barriers, seeking a more sensual connection with the world.

Essays, Interviews and criticism aim to combine a lively style with intellectually stimulating content to reveal ideas and concerns and to provoke discussion.
Words from Francesca
  • In Defence of Art

    Written on 26/05/13

    A Tale Once upon a time, there was a breed of creative professionals called curators. Their job description entailed involvement at the hanging of an exhibition. Having examined... read more