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Written by Erin Norman on Friday the 7th of May 2010
Naress fluttered awake.  The skin knitting cells were busily creating
new bindings for the ropey iridescent mist and the small pool of water it
covered.  Naress was more than the sum of
her parts, and her parts were, in turn, more again.  They had been selected for their precious
roles; Naress was the Unique Invisible created when the knitters, ropey mist
and water passed approval and joined. 

She wondered how long she'd slept this time, and groggily
tried to remember the last skeleton.  It was
a young boy's.  His body was so
ive!  Running about and bashing into
something or other.  No wonder she'd
slept so soundly.  As the final cells
knit together she slunk over to the door in the corner.  She had only to glide over the floor sensor and
the door opened; handy that, when you haven't got any bones.  Naress curled her formless, freshly made skin
around herself, enjoying the sensuous feel of her own soft bonelessness as if
she were a cushion made of finest woven silk. 
With a slight movement over another sensor, the circular rack within the
closet extended outwards slightly, and began to rotate. 
Naress heard the gentle clatter of carefully padded and hung
skeletons.  She let the skeleton of the
old man pass by her with a smile; he was her favourite, but it didn't suit
today's mood.  Her eyes danced over the basket
holding the smallest skeleton in the corner, delicately wrapped in layers of
finest blankets.  That wasn't for now, that was her skeleton trap.   Banishing the thought from her mind, Naress
chose a young woman, but ruled out dancing. Today she wanted to sit and feel
the sun on her skin while she read a book, and try once again to enjoy the
drink called coffee.  
The ropey mist whispered, "3 more selections before your
Naress slithered to the skeleton and claimed it, filling it
with her Self.  She reached behind to
pull herself off the rack, and stepped out of the closet.   With her hands, she closed the door behind
her, and did not look back.