Dan Prescott

- Illustrator

Quentin Armstrong
Dan Prescott was born in the UK in 1981. He is an artist and illustrator, working mainly in pen and ink. Dan has been a member of Lazy Gramophone since 2004, and has illustrated and designed titles for Lazy Gramophone Press.

He briefly studied art at the turn of the century before decamping to the West Country to study literature. Moving to Edinburgh, Scotland to pursue a career in the book trade, he began designing and typesetting books and worked with the Edinburgh International Film Festival in the production of their catalogue and programme. The following year he published an article on publishing and nationalism in the trade journal, Logos.

Around 2004 he became involved with the arts collective Lazy Gramophone. He designed, typeset, illustrated and hand-produced a limited edition run of Lazy Gramophone Press' second title, Circle Time. He also provided illustrations for a number of the collective's further poetry collections. In 2006, he exhibited at the Macbeth Gallery in Hoxton, London, showing work beside a number of other artists for the gallery's opening night. He was then invited to supply work to be exhibited at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden, London, where one of his pieces was used as the cover image for the members' magazine. He went on to take part in the fund-raising art initiative, Love in the Sky, in association with the Institute of Contemporary Arts, in which he produced a collaborative piece of work with the typographer Bruno Maag and the fine artist Liz Dalton. This event led directly to a two-month stint being exhibited in the café at the ICA.

Dan designed and typeset Lazy Gramophone Press's newest publication, The Book of Apertures, as well as contributing a number of new illustrations.

He is now based in the south of England where he lives with his wife and daughter.