Charlie Cottrell

I am Charlie Cottrell

Charlie Cottrell
I don't know all the words but I know quite a lot of them and I like to have a go putting them in different orders for the amusement of others.
Words from Charlie
  • The Dress

    Written on 02/07/10

    I am one of life's hoarders. My too small Clapham flat is crowded from floor to ceiling with heteroclitaire cupboards, boxes and files containing every letter I have ever received, every... read more

  • I Hate Mary (exerpt)

    Written on 02/07/10

    It is a peculiar feature of dining with my wife, Mary, that at some point during the course of the meal you will be presented with the sight of a small fragment of food stuck right into... read more

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Author: LazyGramophone

Title: Charlie Cottrell reading Abby Stokes is Going to Die

Comments: Here I am with a fascinator on reading at the launch of the wonderful Book of Ap